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Winning Words apps developed by AppCreatorPro reach 36,000 downloads

synmatch_icon_448pxA series of six word matching apps developed for Winning Words LLC by AppCreatorPro just passed 10,000 downloads in the iTunes App Store. The brainchild of Winning Words founder Barri Lynn Baltic, each game is based on a real world game that she played with her students as a classroom teacher. The first game, which uploaded to the app store in mid-December, asks users to match synonyms as they turn over cards in this “concentration”-style memory challenge.

The apps are designed for the Apple iPad and iPad Mini platforms, running iOS 6 and 7. AppCreatorPro lead developer Chuck Haines added plenty of bells and whistles while maintaining the simplicity of the games. Each game has its own color scheme but similar game play and scoring system. Each game accommodates up to four players, and offers words to match at the easy, medium, and hard levels.

Several schools have downloaded multiple copies of the game, which Baltic has offered for free for the time being. “My goal was to make my match games modern by using technology. ” says Ms. Baltic, who is promoting the games via Twitter, Facebook and a custom website (

AppCreatorPro President Will DeLamater said “We are proud to be associated with the development of such high quality educational materials. Barri Lynn’s extensive classroom experience, her desire to make learning fun, and her passion for the critical vocabulary skills that the games embrace has made this one of our favorite projects.”

Download the apps from the iTunes App Store: