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What smartphones will my app run on?

Because AppCreatorPro apps run on the mobile web, they are designed to display on all major smartphone platforms through the smartpho. You will notice differences in the way that each platform handles the installation of home screen icons, for example. Click here for instructions on how to install apps on different kinds of phones. See below for issues with phones with custom ROMs.

The following is a list of the phones that we have tested for compatibility with our apps:






Please contact us and share your experiences with your phone and we will add to the list!

Please note that users who have modified the phone’s operating system by “jailbreaking” or installing a custom ROM may encounter unpredictable problems with our apps, which are designed to work with the latest manufacturers’ specifications for each phone. We cannot support custom smartphone configurations.

Other known issues:

  • Phones HTC Sense 3.5 or HTC Sense 3.6 will not be able to install the app icon on the phone’s homescreen, due to a conflict with the Sense overlay on the Android bookmarking system.