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What if I change phones?

When you get a new phone, rest assured that all the AppCreatorPro apps installed on your old phone will work perfectly on your new one. If you have saved “Favorites” on any of your apps, they will be safe and ready to go on the new phone as well.

The easiest way to put your AppCreatorPro apps on your new phone is to transfer the bookmarks from your old phone to the new one. See the User Guide for the make and model of your new phone for instructions on how to do this. Once the bookmarks are transferred, just re-install each bookmarked app on the home screen of your new device.

If you have trouble transferring your bookmarks, just head to the Marketplace at AppCreatorPro, search for the app you need, and add it to the new phone. If you have an app that is not listed in the Marketplace, just contact the business or organization you got the app from and they can provide the link.

Please also contact us directly using the Contact Us form here on the site if you need help locating and installing an app on your new phone!