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Welcome GPAR Members!

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Welcome GPAR Members!

January 18, 2012:

The Greater Philadelphia Association of Realtorsâ„¢ announced today that it has entered into an Affinity Program with home-grown tech start-up AppCreatorPro to help Philadelphia Realtorsâ„¢ embrace the emerging technology of personal apps. With the increasing use of mobile technologies in every field, it is more important than ever for Realtorsâ„¢ to have a mobile marketing strategy…

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Greetings fellow Realtors®! I am glad you are interested in joining the mobile revolution, where potential clients can learn about you and your work, contact you instantaneously, check for services that they need, and maintain contact with you before, during, and after a transaction!

My name is Christopher Plant. I am excited to help create the service that AppCreatorPro offers real estate agents, where this viral, linkable, sharable resource can put you on the phones of the people who need you and your expertise. Kind of like the guy who fell in love with the razor company, I wanted to be more than a customer and joined the team.

Our apps are a little different than all the alternatives you hear about. It is our belief that building a direct connect with your clients and fueling the relationship with timely, relevant information is the key to extending your sphere of influence and building BRAND YOU! That’s why we put many functions in your app, but put you at the center. What matters is what people have said about you (in our Testimonials module), what preferred vendors that you can recommend and share (in our Preferred Vendors module), the updates about the market and properties and neighborhoods that you want to share–those are things that make you and your services unique.

The new Member Choice Affinity Program with GPAR brings members a 25% discount over the standard cost of an app. In addition, I will help you get started with your app and make sure it does all the awesome things I describe above. Then, you can access your app directly in order to make changes and updates as you see fit.

To get started, enter your information using the green button below, which will take you to our real estate agent questionnaire. Then, click the orange button to sign up and take advantage or the discounted price for GPAR members. Your app will be ready in a couple of days, and you can begin using it to tighten your relationship with existing clients, find new ones, and spread the word about your unique and exceptional qualities!

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PS. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your app, please give me a call at 267-329-4960, or drop me an email at!