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Sports Lawyers Assoc Launches Conference App from AppCreatorPro!

The Sports Lawyers Association is holding its annual conference in Atlanta this week, and they are utilizing the AppCreatorPro platform for their conference app. Association manager Melissa Pomerene reports “Great reviews on the app!”

sla_iphone_shotThe SLA app includes all relevant information on education sessions, floorplans for the hotel, overviews of all conference activities by day, and a complete listing of all speakers and panelists, including biographical information. In addition, each conference attendee receives a listing in the app of their affiliation and contact information, live on the phone. This resource will make the app useful for attendees for weeks and months ahead.

Pomerene and her planning team came up with a terrific innovation for the conference that AppCreatorPro was able to turn into a feature of the app. For each conference session, moderators wanted to be able to field questions via a Twitter feed using a hashtag, and Melissa wanted those tweets to be visible in the tab for each individual session. Designers at AppCreatorPro utilized Twitter widget technology to create the resource that SLA wanted to offer attendees. The widget worked beautifully, so much so that Pomerene had it added to addtional sections during the show itself.

The app was hit nearly 1,000 times in the first two days of the conference. Please contact AppCreatorPro for a demonstration of the highly cutomized features of the SLA app and others we have created for organizations in the past year.