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Small Business

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Small Business

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Create your professional mobile marketing app right here! Just fill out the questionnaire and we will use the information you provide to create your app. Share with all your customers, and ask them to share with friends and family. Go viral in your quest to spread the word about your services.

Your app will automatically include “hot” buttons on the app main screen so that clients can contact your immediately by phone and email. We can also include a button for text messages if requested.

Once you have submitted your information, our designers will assemble your app and send it to you in a password protected format. You can review the app, request changes, and then create your account by making your initial monthly payment of $29.95 and begin using your app!

NEW FOR SMALL BUSINESSES! AppCreatorPro has created the “Donate an App” program for local businesses to partner with organizations to bring mobile technology to their membership. The organization gets a fully functioning APP to support its mission and communication needs while the sponsoring business gets an acknowledgement of their generosity on the APP itself. Click here to learn more!

Once you provide your information via the questionnaire, one of our designers will go to work creating your app for you to review. We will send you a link to the app and a quote for what it will cost to take your app live. Once you approve and submit your payment information, your app will be live and ready to share with your membership.

Then, as you circulate the app and discover what information and services your clients value most, you can edit and expand your app to suit your needs.

For example, as properties are added to your listings or sold, you may wish to change the listings that you feature in the app. You will want to add testimonials from customers so that as your app is shared with others, they can review what others have to say about you.

You may also find that sharing your insights and other information via a Twitter feed on a daily or weekly basis. Stay tuned in this portal for information on how to do that.

If you are unsure about the importance of a mobile presence for yourself and your business, consider:

  • Over 45.5 million people in the United States owned smartphones in 2010 out of 234 million total cell phone subscribers. Nielsen predicts more smartphones than feature based, mobile phones by the end of 2011.
  • Between 1.9 and 2.4 billion monthly mobile searches on Google. A six-fold increase from two years ago. 33% of these mobile searches have local intent.
  • What people search for on their mobile device: 84% search for a business or store street address, phone, location, and other contact information; 82% search for online retailers; 73% search for a specific brand, store or website; 68% find the best price for a product or service; 63% search before making a final decision on a product or service.
  • Actions taken within one day as a result of a smartphone search: 68% visit a business online or in person at a store; 53% purchase online or in a store; 67% continue their research.
  • 93% of smartphone owners said that they use their smartphones while at home.
  • Nine out of ten smartphone searches results in an action such as making a purchase or visiting a business, while 24% recommended a brand or product to others as a result of a smartphone search.

[Source: MarketingZone]

Mobile search and discovery captures users at a more advanced and active stage of the decision-making process, so with smartphones and mobile search about to overtake desktop search, can you afford to ignore mobile?

Businesses can “tag along” inside the pockets of their clients with a mobile app. As we describe in the section on your mobile marketing plan, the mobile web app gives you the maximum flexibility for supporting your customers when they are out and about (although over 90% will use your app at home as well!)–those moments when they need your products and services the most.

Open the next tab to see our suggestions for taking your mobile presence to the next level!

Now it’s time to start marketing yourself and your services. Begin with these basic best practices:

1. Your app should be as simple to use as possible. Let your website do the heavy lifting for large amounts of information that you want your client to have; the app should be much more compact and its usefulness should be your paramount concern. Why? The top reason people use mobile search is to search for a business or store street address, phone, location, and other contact information. So use your app to make it really easy for clients and potential clients to find you and contact you!

2. Focus on creating a clear purpose and value proposition for your app. If someone puts you on their phone, what do they get in return? Quick access to you, as noted above, is key. But what about special offers, or inside information?  How about a checklist or guide book that brings your differentiators or special expertise to the fore–whether you are a legal or medical professional, a retailer (tips for surviving a trip to the mall?), an automotive repair shop (recognize the signs of engine problems?), or a direct salesperson. And what about updates on conditions in your industry–direct from you via Twitter or a blog that you update regularly. Make sure that the only place this info is available is from you on your app. Finally, make it easy for your clients to share you with their friends–always include a “Share me” or “Share my app” section in your app. That makes it easy for your happy customers to spread the word about you! (A section of testimonials can help with this “approval building” as well.)

3. Gather feedback from your users on the go. Be sure to include a feedback mechanism (or two) in your app. Using AppCreatorPro, you can name your contact module anything you want, so get creative! Instead of “Contact Me,” why not name the section “Your Opinion Matters,” or “I’m Listening.” Consider using a simple poll or questionnaire in a custom section in order to gather data.

Your customers are growing more mobile everyday, and they expect a great experience when they connect with you via mobile. Unlike in the past, where your digital connection with your customers was limited to the time they were sitting at the computer, now you have the capability to travel with them, wherever they go, by staking out your claim to a spot on their mobile device or smartphone. What is different about AppCreatorPro is that we believe the individual business is the star of the mobile app show. Once your clients install your app, each time they look at their phone, they see your face or logo on the homescreen. If you keep your content fresh and make offers via your app on a regular basis, they come to expect that they will connect with you via the app. AppCreatorPro makes it possible for you to connect with a customer every time they take out their mobile!