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Become a Representative

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Become a Representative

This is the best option for folks who want to make extra money by selling apps to businesses and organizations in their area.

How it works:

  1. Fill out the representative questionnaire
  2. When accepted, attend an online training
  3. Start selling!

Our representatives market and sell our apps and app creation accounts in their local area. This means developing your own prospect list, calling on leads, and closing sales. The need for an app crosses many categories, from small retail businesses to organizations like Boy Scout Troops, elite sports teams, and churches. So there should be no lack of potential customers for the apps you are selling.

Our pricing is as follows: $29 per month for small businesses, $24.95 per month for organizations, and $19.95 per month for individual real estate agents.  The representative is paid a commission of 30% on all revenues attributable to sales they have made, each month. So someone who has sold 40 accounts at an average price of $25 per month will receive a commission check from us for $300 per month. Of course, there is no upper limit to this plan, so 120 accounts would yield a check for $900 per month, every month that those accounts are in good standing on the system. If someone cancels, you lose that commission going forward.

We do expect our reps to be able to create accounts and make preview apps for their leads. This mean that after you meet with someone, you would take half an hour or so and create an account and a preview app on the system for them. If they like the app, you sign them up. Then, in order to insure their satisfaction and your income stream, check in with them periodically to make sure they are happy with the service. We will send them periodic emails from the office with tips, tricks, and updates, but it is important to recognize that these customers see you as their primary contact. We don’t expect you to solve technical problems for people, but having customers know that there is someone for them to call with questions is key to our selling proposition. And that person is you.

So, if this seems like a good fit for you, click to get started with the questionnaire. Once you have been accepted, we will call you, answer all your questions, and set you up for an online training. Once that is done, you will be ready to start selling a product that everyone is excited about!

 Representative Questionnaire