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Sell Apps

Welcome to our representatives and resellers area. Here you will find all the information you need to begin selling AppCreatorPro apps and services to small businesses and organizations in your area.

It’s really pretty simple. If you like meeting people, talking about how the world is moving to mobile devices at an astonishing pace, and sharing with them some great ideas for promoting themselves or their business on mobile devices like smartphones, then this is the opportunity for you!

Many of the folks who have started selling for us in their communities have had their first success with a small business right around the corner from where they live. For an example, go to the Marketplace and look at Toto’s Pizza or Pete’s Brewhouse. Others have found that their church or school is a likely place to start–just see the OLSS (Our Lady Star of the Sea) app as an example. It seems like everyone knows a real estate agent, and many of those have created apps to market themselves and their services using AppCreatorPro. Homebuilders, lawyers, museums–anyone or any organization that wants to reach members or customers or potential customers on their mobile phones can use an app.

We offer two ways to sell our apps–either as a representative, where you sell apps in your community and receive a monthly commission, or as a reseller, where you pay us a fixed fee for each app you sell and then you charge your customer whatever you want. Representatives work for us as independent contractors, and resellers simply buy our services at a discount and then resell those services to others, providing all billing and customer service themselves.

So, pick whichever approach suits you best (most individuals without and existing business will likely choose the Representative option), push the button and let’s get started!

Representatives Resellers – soon!