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Real Estate

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Real Estate

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Welcome Real Estate Agent!

Create your professional mobile marketing app right here! Just fill out the questionnaire and we will use the information you provide to create your app. Share with all your customers, and ask them to share with friends and family. Go viral in your quest to spread the word about your services. You can put your app on an UNLIMITED number of smart phones at NO extra cost.

Even better, you qualify for special pricing!  A discount of 33% off of our normal monthly price!

Your app will automatically include “hot” buttons on the app main screen so that clients can contact your immediately by phone and email. We can also include a button for text messages if requested.

Once you have submitted your information, our designers will assemble your app and send it to you in a password protected format. You can review the app, request changes, and then create your account by making your initial monthly payment of $19.95 and begin using your app! It’s easy to update and easy to afford.  Plus you can cancel at any time with no further obligation.

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Once you provide your information via the questionnaire, one of our designers will go to work creating your app for you to review. We will send you a link to the app and a quote for what it will cost to take your app live. Once you approve and submit your payment information, your app will be live and ready to share with your membership.

Then, as you circulate the app and discover what information and services your clients value most, you can edit and expand your app to suit your needs.

For example, as properties are added to your listings or sold, you may wish to change the listings that you feature in the app. You will want to add testimonials from customers so that as your app is shared with others, they can review what others have to say about you.

And we will routinely provide you with easy to use ideas on how to keep your app fresh and useful to your customers, including how to incorporate social tools like Twitter and Facebook into your app, with our periodic tips and tricks for realtors.

If you are unsure about the importance of a mobile for you as a real estate agent, consider:

  • Over 45.5 million people in the United States owned smartphones in 2010 out of 234 million total cell phone subscribers. Nielsen predicts more smartphones than feature based, mobile phones by the end of 2011.
  • Between 1.9 and 2.4 billion monthly mobile searches on Google.  A six-fold increase from two years ago. 33% of these mobile searches have local intent.
  • 93% of smartphone owners said that they use their smartphones while at home.
  • Nine out of ten smartphone searches results in an action such as making a purchase or visiting a business, while 24% recommended a brand or product to others as a result of a smartphone search.

[Source: MarketingZone]

The time has come for you to cash in on the mobile revolution.  As you know, buyers routinely use mobile to find properties.  Sellers use it to check the market.  The question is, “Will YOU be one of those leading real estate agents  helping the buyers to buy and the sellers to sell?  That’s where AppCreatorPro gives you the competitive edge!

Think about it.  Your face will be right on the home screen of everybody’s smartphone that receives your app!   That is targeted advertising!  And when they open it up, you can be contacted at the touch of a button.  They see your featured listings, get referrals for trusted vendors, and more.   Another button lets them email you any questions they might have about mortgages, neighborhoods, schools, shopping, you name it.  Your client relationships grow stronger.  And soon they will be pressing “Share My App” to refer you to new potential buyers and sellers!”

With your own app, you will be in your clients’ pockets all the time no matter where they are.   You will be at their service whenever they need you.  Just as you want to be.

Open the next tab to learn how to take your mobile marketing strategy to the next level!

Now it’s time to start marketing yourself and your services. Begin with these basic best practices:

1. Your app should be as simple to use as possible. While websites do the heavy lifting for large amounts of information, mobile apps should be much more compact and their usefulness should be your paramount concern. Why?  The top reason people use mobile search is to search for a business or store street address, phone, location, and other contact information. So use your app to make it really easy for clients and potential clients to find you and contact you!

2. Focus on creating a clear purpose and value proposition for your app. If someone puts you on their phone, what do they get in return? Quick access to you, as noted above, is key. For realtors, several value adds come to mind: a list of your preferred vendors–plumbers, mortgage brokers, landscapers–will give your clients reason to use your app during the home-buying process and for a long time thereafter! How about a checklist for evaluating the houses that they visit during their search–these key reminders and questions will help keep your clients productive in their search, and remind them of your expertise every step of the way! And what about updates on mortgage rates and market conditions? If you are a blogger or tweeter, your app can easily include your updates. Finally, make it easy for your clients to share you with their friends–always include a “Share my app” section in your app. That makes it easy for your happy customers to spread the word about you and your services!

3. Gather feedback from your users on the go. Gather feedback from clients on the go:   Have several feedback mechanisms built into your app.  Phone and email are a must.  Many people love to text!  It’s easy for that to happen right in your app too.  Encourage clients to let you know both what they liked and disliked about the homes they have seen.  It will help you key in on what would work best for them.

Your customers are growing more mobile everyday, and real estate is one of the most active industries in meeting the mobile needs of their clientele. Unlike in the past, where your digital connection with your customers was limited to the time they were sitting at the computer, now you have the capability to travel with them, wherever they go, by staking out your claim to a spot on their mobile device or smartphone. What is different about AppCreatorPro is that we believe the individual real estate agent is the star of the mobile app show. Once your clients install your app, each time they look at their phone, they see your face on the homescreen.  AppCreatorPro makes it possible for you to connect with a customer every time they take out their mobile!

Here are some steps you can take immediately to put your new app to work for you:

  1. email this to all your friends and customers to expand your sphere of influence
  2. put the QR code* (see below) for your app on your business card
  3. print the QR code on your sales collateral–brochures and flyers
  4. print the QR code on stickers to use on signage
  5. send the link to your app out with your email newsletter
  6. include a link to your app and the QR code in your email signature
  7. display your QR code prominently at every Open House you hold so visitors that you home with them

Grab Christopher’s app on your phone right now with this QR code!

*QR is short for Quick Response (they can be read quickly by a cell phone). They are used to take a piece of information from physical media like a brochure or a sign and put it in to your cell phone. To read the code, you must install a QR code reader for free from the App Store or Android Market.