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Your Custom Social Media Plan

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Your Custom Social Media Plan

Most people are so busy building their business that they can’t even think about setting up much less maintainng a social media strategy on the web. Between providing superb service to existing customers and getting out to meet new ones, sole practitioners just don’t feel they have the time to add another activity to their already jammed-up days.

And that’s too bad, because social media offers the potential to find and activate new cutomers more efficiently than almost any other prospecting approach.

That’s where we come in. AppCreatorPro has been working with individuals just like you for over a year to help make social media accessible and easy. In fact, we got started developing customized plans when a friend who is a financial advisor asked us what he should be doing to put social media to work for him. Our own social media maven, who has run campaigns for large companies in the area, took all the input from my friend and tailored an approach that fits his priorities and takes into account his resources of time and money.

The plan was delivered in ten business days, and my friend is now embarked on using social media to reach the people he needs as clients to take his business where he wants to take it: the next level.

So contact us and we will get you started with a quick needs assessment and provide you with a preview of your plan. If you decide to go forward, we will charge you $99 for the complete plan, a follow up phone consultation, and email support to help you get off the ground!

And if you need help launching your plan, we can provide those services for you as well at very cometitive rates!