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Just in Case

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Just in Case

Just in Case Emergency Communications App


What is the Just in Case Emergency Communications App for schools?

This mobile web app organizes all of the school’s key communications links and emergency instructions in a single, easy-to-use application on any smartphone. Emergency phone numbers appear as clearly marked buttons on the app, and instructions for emergency response are clearly labeled and easy to read.

The ECA is the one guide to response that everyone in your school will have within reach, just in case the unexpected happens.

What are key features of the ECA for schools?

  • Fully customizable to your school emergency guide or plan
  • Works on all smartphone and tablet platforms
  • Can be edited and updated in minutes
  • Easy alert feature enables broadcast text messages to all participants
  • Includes maps that help find shelter, AEDs, and other key locations
  • Gives explicit action plans based on participant’s location and role
  • Contact us for a full list of features!
The ECA is easy to configure and can be launched in weeks, not months, and is the most cost effective solution available.
Contact Us today to discuss your school’s needs!