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GPAR Adds Mobile Marketing Press Release

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GPAR Adds Mobile Marketing Press Release


GPAR Adds Mobile Marketing to Members’ Arsenal through Member Choice Affinity Agreement with AppCreatorPro

January 18, 2012: The Greater Philadelphia Association of Realtors™ announced today that it has  entered into an Affinity Program with home-grown tech start-up AppCreatorPro to help Philadelphia Realtors™ embrace the emerging technology of personal apps. With the increasing use of mobile technologies in every field, it is more important than ever for Realtors™ to have a mobile marketing strategy.

The designers at AppCreatorPro will build a personalized custom app at a low cost with quick turnaround that Realtors™ can use to stay in direct contact with their client base. The app itself is a “mobile web app” that is easily updated and can be programmed with loads of dynamic functions. The app is delivered at no cost to the consumer and allows the Realtor™ to literally put “their face on the phone of their clients” says Diane Lucidi, CEO of GPAR.

Christopher Plant, a licensed Realtor™ and GPAR member, helped create the AppCreatorPro service and is very excited to be launching his product in connection with GPAR. “I am thrilled that Diane immediately understood the value of what our team has put together to give savvy Realtors™ the edge they need in an increasingly technically competitive market.”

The APP provides the functionality that customers need most: Realtor contact information, brokerage affiliation and listings, and maps, among other things. But the AppcreatorPro system is designed to include other individualized elements specific to each Realtor™. These individualized resources in the app include Testimonials, Video, Property Browse and Preferred Vendors Lists. In Christopher’s estimation, the most important piece of the APP puzzle is how easy it makes it for the Clients to share the APP with their friends and family, spreading the word about you via email, Twitter, and Facebook. The goal, says Christopher, “is to make your Client base your mobile marketing team!”

To learn more about AppCreatorPro visit the website at or contact Christopher Plant directly at 215/740-2339 or email at

About the Greater Philadelphia Association of Realtors: The Greater Philadelphia Association of REALTORS® is a membership organization whose purpose is to provide education, information, and legislative monitoring for licensed real estate professionals and related service providers in the Greater Philadelphia area.  Established in 1908, The Greater Philadelphia Association of REALTORS® is the “Voice For Real Estate in Philadelphia”.

About AppCreatorPro: AppCreatorPro is a division of eReadia LLC, and is the premier mobile publishing solution for businesses and organizations. The AppCreatorPro publishing platform enables businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes to push timely and relevant information to their users via multiple mobile platforms, including iPhones and iPads, Android phones and tablets, and Blackberry phones and tablets.