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Donate an App

APP for the local animal shelter

Even in times of financial hardship, the business community shares an interest with its customers in all the organizations that make life better for members of the larger community. From teams and bands and 4H and Scouts to the Food Bank and shelters, hospice, the art league, and all kinds of service organizations, people volunteer their time and energy to making things better for everyone.

One way the business community can support these efforts is to sponsor an APP for organizations who contribute to the community. With AppCreatorPro, that is easy to do. Your AppCreatorPro representative can help you find the organizations in your community who could benefit from the shared communications that an APP offers. For example, the select soccer team needs an APP to provide schedule information, rosters for games the team plays, events sponsored by the club–the list of needs goes on and on.

So, get in the spirit and support a community organization by sponsoring their APP. AppCreatorPro makes it easy!