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Do you see where mobile search is headed?

the word from Will

A recent report estimates that by 2016, mobile search will exceed desktop search. The following chart estimates the progress toward that game-changing state of affairs:














What does this mean for AppCreatorPro members? First, this cat is already out of the barn, to mix my metaphors. We know that over 90% of people use their mobile phones at home to search (who wants to get up off the couch to find out the weather on Friday or check out what movie is playing?), so even when desktop search is easy to do, people are eschewing [vocab word of the week] it in favor of their phones. So if you think that people aren’t viewing your products and services on the small screen, think again. And your job is to meet them where they are with fully mobile information and navigation, and not leave them squinting and cursing like we all do when trying to deal with someone’s website on such a small screen.

One way you can make sure they find your AppCreatorPro app and landing pages is to grab the mobile redirect code from the My Apps page and install it on your website (this feature will be available by Valentines Day!). That way, when folks search for you and visit, they will be sent directly to your mobile page rather than your desktop page. Makes a big difference! And because you designed your app to be really, really useful to your clients, they will be able to take action immediately, to give you a call or respond to an offer.

These capabilities are coming next week at AppCreatorPro. We have several enhancements to your service being tested right now, including the ability to grab the redirect code straight out of your account (rather than requesting it as in the past), and a very special new feature that will allow your clients to subscribe to be notified by email when you make updates to your app. Then, you can send an email out to your clients everytime you add or change something, so they know what they are missing if they haven’t checked the app recently.

I will have some more good news about feature upgrades next week when we go live. RSS feed, anyone?







ps. See Bill Gross’s blog post for more on search by clicking here.