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Connect with Your Customers

Your customers are growing more mobile everyday. Unlike in the past, where your digital connection with your customers was limited to the time they were sitting at the computer, now you have the capability to travel with them, wherever they go, by staking out your claim to a spot on their mobile device or smartphone. When your customers install your app on their phones, they are giving you permission to market your products and services to them 24/7.

Each time they look at their phone, they see your logo on the homescreen. AppCreatorPro makes it possible for you to make eye contact with a customer every time they take out their mobile!

And with many choices of modules, you can maintain closer and closer connections with your customers.  Most importantly, give them the ability to share you and your app with all of their friends and contacts with the “Share My App” module. Or give them the capability to email you a question using the “Contact Me!” module. Provide your Twitter and Facebook updates with the “Social Media” module.

The system also supports videos, image galleries, maps and directions–anything you can think of to make it easy for your customers to connect. The sections or “keys” below give a good idea of the possibilities, straight from Christopher’s real estate app: