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How it works

AppCreatorPro makes it easy and affordable to create an app and distribute it to an unlimited number of smartphones and tablets!

Get a preview of your app, and update it yourself anytime you want. We will help design the “preview” of your app for you to review before you make a commitment. And if you are not satisfied, you can cancel at any time. No risk!

What describes you best?

Organizations Real Estate Small Business



Here’s how it works:  You tell us what you want in your app by completing our Quick Start Survey.  If you like, you may specify colors or you can leave it to our design team.  You can  provide us with your logo, photos and even video if you want them to be included in your app.  (You can refer us to your website to pull such material if you have one).

That’s it.  We take your stuff and create a starter app for your approval.  Usually in 1 – 2 days!

Then, if you like it, you sign up, choose either our “Get Started Plan” or our “Premium Service Plan” and make your initial payment.  Your app goes live immediately! No waiting for approvals or other hassles.

You can edit it at anytime.

You can distribute it via email, Twitter, Facebook and QR codes, which we provide to you.

If not satisfied, you can cancel at anytime with no further obligation.  For bigger savings, however, select our annual payment plan.

That’s how it works.  If you have questions, just contact us.

To get started, click the button above that fits you best: organization, real estate, or small business!